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What is the name of the certificate wrong?

Akram Ali (name of the name) passed the Higher Secondary examination from Magura Government College last year. After a few days when he got his handwriting in the hand, his eyes were on his forehead. Because, the names of Akram Ali have forgotten the name of Chaddam Ali. Akram Ali fell into a lot of thinking about this. What to do now? However, the name can not be kept wrong in the name.

Many like Akram have to be in such a bizarre situation. My name is too much, in many cases father or mother’s name is written incorrectly. Many people do not understand what to do if the name, birth date, or any other information on the certificate is wrong and how to correct it. Get worried But there is nothing to worry about. If the name of the certificate is wrong or the date of birth is wrong, then take action should be taken as soon as possible without delay.

If the date of birth is wrong then the correction will be done within two years from the pass. Generally after that it is not fixed. But in some cases the review is reviewed. Let’s know what to do-

1. In order to correct the name or date of birth, you will first need to make a notice or affidavit through the lawyer. After this, a daily newspaper will be notified. The mention of the candidate’s certificate name, father’s name, mother’s name, branch, exam year, examination center name, roll number, board name and date of birth mentioning the name of the candidate (name of the candidate, father’s name, mother’s name or date of birth) should be mentioned briefly.

2. After the notification has been issued, you have to go through the board of education that is under the Board of Education. Application forms will be collected from the ‘Information Collection Center’ or ‘Scholarship Department’ of the Education Board. After collecting the application, it must be accurately filled. 500 rupees have to be submitted for the name of the candidate, the name of the father or mother or the date of birth (emergency fee). A fee will be deposited along with the Board of Directors on the demand draft of Sonali Bank. The application will be effective after the payment of the money.

3. The original copy of the bank draft with the application, Cutting of notices in the newspaper, attested photocopy of the certificate of Secondary or Higher Secondary Certificate, a copy of a passport size certified by the head of the educational institute, and the original class of the first class magistrate or the notary public, will be submitted to the original copy of affidavit regarding name or date of correction. If his age is more than 18 years of age, in case he has corrected his name, he can become affidavit himself. If the age of the candidate is not completed by 18 years or if the candidate wants to correct his parents’ name, then the non-judicial stamp applicants will have to apportify from the first class magistrate or notary public and submit the original copy.

4. Within a month of applying for correcting name and date of birth, the board is sitting in a meeting with the applicant and a teacher of his educational institution. In this meeting, the decision was taken by verifying the candidate’s application. At least 10 to 15 days before the meeting, the letter was sent to the applicant’s address. In the case of urgent need, the Chairman of the Board has the opportunity to correct name and date of birth within a day.

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